Parent Handbook

Assignment Planner

I highly recommend investing in an assignment planner of any structure of your choosing for organizing your child’s school year. It could be as simple as a notepad which serves as a daily record of assignments. However, with the goal being that your child is able to keep track of assignments and due dates in an organized manner for proper address, it may be more helpful to acquire one with a calendar element included.  


Please inform me when your child will be tardy, absent, or otherwise. Some events can’t be avoided but when you’re able then please give me notice so adjustments can be made, if necessary. Be sure your child’s learning space has the least amount of distractions to ensure optimal attention. No eating during class and additional screens should not be opened. Appropriate comments only in the chat during class time and inappropriate language or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Students must ask permission to close the camera or to leave class for any reason. Otherwise, all cameras are expected to be on and at all times with students at their devices. 

Daily Learning Journal

These notebooks are for daily notetaking so students can review information at later times. These notebooks are an incredible way for parents to engage with their child’s learning. Check-in with your child by reviewing their daily learning journal. Hold them accountable for meaningful, legible, and appropriate daily notes. 

Daily Writing Journal

These notebooks are for journal writing, expressions of gratitude, and will be utilized as well during our Ma’at Meditation classes. They serve as an opportunity for children to tell their stories. 

Recommended Supplies

  • Laptop and Headset
  • Assignment planner
  • 3 lined paper for handwriting practice (print and/or cursive)
  • Notebook (composition preferred) for daily notetaking and review
  • Writing journal
  • Highlighter
  • Folder or 3 rings binder for loose papers
  • Sharpened pencils/erasers readily available 

Student Support Means Parent Participation

It will take teamwork to make our dreams work. There are skills and some daily monitoring that I will need you to gatekeep on your end. However, feel free to express concerns or highlight areas you would like for me to pay special attention to with your child in the class.

  1. No eating in class. No open screens.
  2. Monitor daily reading and please read together! This is incredibly important.
  3. Conduct reading assessment and math assessments. Forward results to me as soon as possible.
  4. Print and keep a reading log of your preference.
  5. Reference course syllabus to stay informed of which assignments, skills, or topics are expected.
  6. Stay diligent on neat handwriting and good presentation of work.
  7. Eat dinner as a family, play outside, and get your child to bed early. These are all proven correlations to student success.
  8. Please address all technical issues that your child may be experiencing promptly to promote optimal learning experiences. This includes a proper device, headset if necessary, Wi-fi connectivity, and/or the like.