"Our family has benefited from Mama Kiya's vision, enthusiasm, professionalism, kindness, and Afrikan focused educational offerings for more than 2 years. We were grateful to find a like-minded mother who is also a highly experienced and trained educator devoting her time and energy to making scholars out of not just her own children, but other children within the Afrikan community! She has live virtual classes that are very engaging for the children, and offer so much more than I have ever seen or experienced in the schools we are all sadly too familiar with. If you want your child to be in a learning environment that is challenging, supportive, fun, welcoming, and builds up their true self-image as an Afrikan (rather than falsely tearing it down), I don't think you have to look any further! Join Mama Kiya at Ubuntu!"  -Riyadh Obeng, PA


“I appreciate all the work you’ve put in with the boys. They truly enjoyed their sessions and learned some new skill sets.”  -Jenelle Springer, MD


“As we journey into our third year with the Ubuntu Village, our walk has been nothing short of amazing. The Ubuntu family has created a loving environment that not only allowed my son to feel like part of a collective unit but has also eased the process of learning. The one-on-one sessions, the open group dialogue, the strong African values, the creative electives (amongst other things) motivate and inspire the children to strive for excellence. Kiya’s uplifting spirit draws you in and keeps you excited about all aspects of education. She has mastered the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept and has incorporated into the Ubuntu Village’s learning experience involving both child and family.”  -Tamara Oliver, NJ 


“What a wonderful academic and social village you are building!”  -Mickelle Jackson, NJ


“Ubuntu Village has made us grateful and appreciative to have a teacher that not only cares but shows compassion towards her students. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for Gary.”  -Lori Smith, NJ


“I'm so blessed to have connected with Mama Kiya and the Ubuntu Village. My daughter has been a student of Mama Kiya for 3 years. Mama Kiya does a great job of creating that 'ubuntu' spirit within the children. She is enthusiastic, real, and demands a lot from her students because she knows what they are capable of. I also feel the love from her to her students. She has supported me (a parent) many times with how to best support my daughter and her education. I love the community of parents. I love African centered-curriculum. I love the infusion of spirituality and affirmations. I already asked Mama Kiya to educate my daughter as a high schooler! I am truly grateful for her!”  -Lee Anne Thompson, CT