kiya greenKiya Green, M.Ed.

Founder/ Academic Director

Culture X Education X Excellence

"I don't talk about gaps. I don't make charts or bar graphs that show the residue of an educational system that wasn't designed to educate us predictably failing at us. Here, at Ubuntu, we don't talk about these imposed "gaps." We fill them. We make our children whole. We heal them with the salve of their culture. We meet them where they are and we nurture them with a growth mindset. We expect and give nothing less than our best. The result is a community and culture of educational exchanges at their finest. Students excelling in ways that they never have before."

Kiya Green, M.Ed. is a Trenton city resident and has worked in the field of Education for the past 15 years.  Her professional experience began as an educator for Trenton Public Schools although her passion and skill working with children developed long before.  In addition, she started and ran a successful after-school and summer enrichment program for several years for children and families in East Trenton, one of the most impoverished wards in the Capital City region.

In 2014, Kiya transitioned to the homeschooling of her two sons and further began more work in the community including campaign organizing for the Lawrence Hamm for Senate 2020 election and was a program coordinator for a Girls Who Code club. She facilitated the Youth Service Project Panel for the nationally recognized non-profit organization Princeton Community Works and participated as a panelist on diversity and inclusion in the 2020 conference at Princeton University.  She is also a relentless social justice advocate joining the Youth Task Force for the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow which works to eradicate the mass incarceration of Black males and served as an Executive Board Member for the National Council of Negro Women from 2018-2020.  In 2017, Kiya graduated with her Master's in Educational Administration and Supervision from Rutgers University including both Supervisor and Principal certifications.  Her undergraduate work was completed at American University in Washington, DC.

From the rising interest and needs of other like-minded parents, Kiya opened the doors of her school to include other children who could attend daily.  Additionally, she taught children virtually that were being homeschooled in other states as well.  In the new educational landscape of COVID-19, this community has expanded. Not only does she work with children but two years ago, in conjunction with Thomas Edison State University, she started a consulting business mentoring and coaching teachers in the public schools of Trenton, NJ.  Some of her future goals include creating educational resources for parents who have the desire to see African American culture and heritage reflected in their child’s curriculum and daily learning experiences and earning a doctorate degree in African Studies.

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